Guanajuato is the best entrance to business in Mexico!

The State of Guanajuato provides a dynamic environment for business and industry. The world-class vision brought to the development of its economy helps its globalized businesses to be highly competitive.

Guanajuato is noteworthy for its policy of striking a balance between new investment, job creation, cutting edge technology, and environmental protection. This has allowed it to develop its domestic economy while diversifying its export markets.

In Guanajuato we have highly developed businesses, a government committed to the globalization of its industry, and modern ways of doing business that will help you get the best deal. Proof of our success can be seen in the fact that in recent years, more export-related jobs have been created in Guanajuato than in any other Mexican state. More than half of Guanajuato's cities export to almost 100 countries.

Guanajuato has been able to help its business capitalize on its competitive advantages and the fast growth of its industry, trade and tourism have made the state one of the most dynamic in Mexico.
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